FXCM Trading Station II review

FXCM Trading Station II is a software provided by FXCM Corporate which is a well known Forex broker to their clients in order to enable them to place orders to buy or sell the different currencies immediately or by delayed execution of their orders.

The program enables you to watch prices of many currencies live and see the price changes immediately in addition ,It has a nice feature of viewing charts and attaching different indicators that can aide in analysing the currency chart which is called (The market space).

The user can see the statistics of open trades and can close them using this software at any time.

The software has a feature where the user can know market news immediately when they are announced.

An excellent feature that makes this software ahead of its competitors (i.e. Metatrader ) is that it offers the ability to chat live with one of the FXCM representative which many users will find handy and useful another nice feature is that you can generate a report of your account including all your deals on the fly from inside the software.

Advantages of FXCM Trading Station II:

  • Fast position opening.
  • Instant update of market prices.
  • You can analyze charts from within the trading platform.
  • Multiple languages are supported.

Disadvantages of FXCM Trading Station II:

  • Practice account creation is not done from within the software.
  • You cannot add or create trading experts.
  • The platform is said to hang upon fast market moves or during news announcements.

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  1. Thanks! I will try demo version of this software.

  2. moriigis on August 7th, 2010

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